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Qualified service and technical support

“I’ve had the new CAD installed, who’s going to teach me how to use it now?”
“I’d like to improve and streamline the way I design. Who can help me?”
“I need to present my products more effectively. Who can I ask?”

Very often, the needs of the engineering department do not merely involve the resolution of software-related problems.
That is why it is essential to choose a trustworthy partner, who is able to support the company through all stages, from installation to training, all the way to qualified consultation and outsourced services.

QS services

The workforce of QS Infor includes experts that know and understand a variety of topics, and it is therefore able to offer:

In the classroom at our site, online or directly at the client’s site, we provide courses on:

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor, basic and advanced
  • FEM (Inventor Nastran)
  • CAM (Inventor CAM)
  • Rendering (3ds Max) and presentation tools (VRED)
  • Revit Architecture and BIM
  • Optimised presentations
  • Improvement of data management and connected flows
  • Creation of mock-ups for layouts
  • Creation of static rendering, videos and virtual reality

Technical support: an important advantage

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